Cut Your Energy Bills with Solar Power

Make the switch to green energy. Smartworld Energy Inc installs photovoltaic systems for residential and commercial clients in the greater San Antonio, Texas area. Our systems are designed to reduce your energy bills while making your property more environmentally friendly. .

Photovoltaic Systems

A photovoltaic (PV) system converts the sun's radiation into usable electricity. The primary component of the system is a solar array, but PV systems include a variety of other components as well. Some customers imagine that solar systems replace normal electrical connections; in fact, 99% of European and 90% of American solar power systems are connected to the grid. Off-grid systems are more common in Australia, South Korea, and rural areas. There are many types of systems out there and a wide range of decisions to be made. You can choose:
  • Building-Integrated or Rack-Mounted Systems
  • Residential or Utility Systems
  • Distributed or Centralized Systems
  • Rooftop or Ground-Mounted Systems
  • Tracking or Fixed-Tilt Systems
  • Newly Constructed or Retrofitted Systems
  • Systems with Micro-Inverters or Central Inverters Systems Using Crystalline Silicon or Thin-Film Technology

The Best System for Your Property

Choosing the right system for your property is important. We help you get the best value for money by installing proven, reliable, and cost-effective technologies that meet all your solar needs.