Mr Mendoza is very knowledgeable about the best placement of the solar panels and delivers on what he promises. He handled all the paperwork with CPSBto get my rebate. They came when they said and did a great job. They were very courteous and cleaned up after themselves. They added to my current system which was installed by a different company and did a far superior job. I would highly recommend Smart World if you are in the market for Solar .

Lloyd Hefner

I must have called at least 7 different companies looking for the right Solar company.
Smartworld Energy was suggested in the Panasonic Webpage as a Panasonic Premium Installer.
I would say that the service was impeccable, they were honest, reliable, professional and knowledgeable.
I couldn't have had a better experience at an excellent price, they use high quality materials with the best warranty in Texas, a 25-year Warranty.
I would highly recommend them to everyone. outstanding company !

Jose G. Arizpe

Mr Mendoza and his team installed my backyard system 10 yrs ago. I have experienced savings on my electric bill to more than pay for my system. I am looking forward to an upgrade later this year!! I could not recommend a more reliable, honest, and experienced company!! Thanks Mr Mendoza!!

Rose Payne

Outstanding service. Very diligent and professional. What they promised was delivered beyond expectations. The logical choice to go solar!


I had my system installed almost 4 years ago. The installation was professionally done and in a timely manner. There have been no issues with the system. They were the only company that I contacted that came out and described what they were going to do and did all the paperwork for CPS and the HOA. Other companies would only send me estimates through email. I am very satisfied with my experience with Smartworld Energy.

Peter Weiss

Gustavo and his team installed our panels in the historic King William district and made it through the HDRC with no issues thanks to their design that addressed the commissions concerns. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering solar panels in one of the historic districts or otherwise.

Jason Hull

Smartworld followed through; no issues with the install. Plus they were experienced at navigating the process of installing solar panels in historic districts, where front facing panels will rarely receive permission.

kimonogatos .

I was one of Smartworld Energy's first customers and recently had them upgrade our installation. The team at Smartworld are knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive and will be honest with you about what you need. They will never try and sell you on something you don't need.

Gretchen Garceau-Kragh

Smartworld Energy installed rooftop solar panels on my home in January 2016, to offset about 40% of my electrical usage. I liked the system so much that I had Smartworld install more panels in May 2017. This second installation increased my system to about 60% of my electrical use. My home is "all electric" (no gas) and my bills have been substantially lower since I installed the systems. For example, my total electric charge for April 2018 was only $ 8.75. This is the CPS service charge that all CPS customers are required to pay.

Smartworld's Owner, Gustavo Mendoza, is very passionate about the solar industry and committed to its growth. I chose Smartworld over other larger contractors because it offered the best quote, with the best price, warranty and materials. Both installations went very smoothly. The communication from Smartworld during each installation was excellent.

In some solar systems, if one panel goes down it affects the whole system, which means the rest of the panels won't produce electricity until that panel is repaired. Smartworld's system does not allow one bad panel to affect the others. When I first took quotes, the other companies did not advise me of this situation. To add the feature that Smartworld includes automatically, they had to increase their original quotes. When they did, they became high bidders. For me, this was just an example of why Smartworld had the best quote.

Last, I want to like the people I am doing business with. It is just as important as trust. The Smartworld people are easy to like....not pushy and good quotes, good service, good communication, good quality.

Alan Jezek

Best solar company in texas. Fast clean installation and great custmer service. 100% recomended.

TheGchlo .